Customer feedback at the centre of decision making. Take advantage of our customer surveying solutions, our industry expertise combined with essential statistical reporting, and truly experience the difference.

PASI TOROI, Managing director, co-founder

“We started T&L Consultancy to provide a high quality service for better customer satisfaction and customer experience management that enables businesses to develop and enhance their competitiveness.”

Pasi has over 10 years of experience in better customer satisfaction management, especially within the highly complex and volatile tourism industry. For hands-on advice on how to improve customer satisfaction and customer experience management – check our blog or write your question(s) directly to

ARI LIPPONEN, Services director, co-founder

“Customer satisfaction is the foundation for all businesses in every industry sector. Building on this factor enables us to provide valuable help to companies operating within the service industry.”

Ari has a background in international consulting services and technology solutions development. He is in charge of service delivery and technical solutions at T&L Consultancy.