The Use of Social Media and Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a concept that has been around since the days people started trading goods, buying and selling, whereas the concept of Social Media has been around maybe ten years or so.

After googling a bit I came across a bunch of articles…

– How social media can improve customer satisfaction

– How to use social media in order to increase customer engagement

– How social media relates to improving customer experience etc.

So, a lot has been written about the “big picture” – social media enhancing customer satisfaction and customer experience, but what about the “small picture”, the details.

In the light of an example…

Say we have a 4 star city hotel in a European capital with high turnover of business and leisure guests, this hotel is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms that are being managed on a daily basis, and the web traffic is monitored using google analytics.

But would we not want to know in detail…


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