Paying Close Attention to Customer Satisfaction is Unnecessary…or is it?

This is a little controversial topic.

There are those who say that paying close attention to customer satisfaction is not important because it doesn’t guarantee business success.

That is true – demand may fluctuate from year to year, purchasing trends may come and go, customer motivations may vary etc. without having any impact on customer satisfaction.

Also, some business sectors may not view high customer satisfaction as a prerequisite for making profit – let’s say we are in the retailing business selling cheaply produced products that are made to satisfy whatever trends there might be at the time e.g. among the youth. If a product that costs couple of euros in the store, actually works after the purchase and it keeps on working the duration of the trend, then most likely “no love is lost” if the product malfunctions once the trend is over.

These are all valid points, and make perfect sense.

Here is an opposing point of view.

Let’s assume the sales are decreasing alarmingly…

Once we go through all the possible reasons for the sales decline, customer satisfaction related issues have to be within the possible explanations. The only problem in this scenario is that we don’t know for sure…because we haven’t asked for feedback that concentrates on the issues of customer satisfaction.

We may have an email address or landline number for complaints and/or for general feedback, but those are poor indicators of customer satisfaction – customer satisfaction as a concept contains far more than handling of complaints or reading random reviews.

Had we collected customer feedback through a well planned survey, we would be able to identify either/or…


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