Meeting or Exceeding Customer Expectations – Marketing communications aspect with a practical TIP!

This is a topic that surfaces frequently – meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

But first, the two major factors that build up customer expectations are previous experiences and marketing communication.

Previous experiences affect directly customer loyalty, most likely resulting in a positive outcome if the expectations were met or exceeded, and probably vice versa if not.

Marketing communication, on the other hand, is rather intriguing in a sense that through marketing activity the expectations of both, new and returning (loyal) customers, can and will be influenced.

And that leads to a question…Should the emphasis be in meeting the customer expectations or exceeding the customer expectations when planning marketing communication?

It could be stated that in order to exceed customer expectations, the expectations have to be met first.

Very rarely I come across e.g. advertisements in which the emphasis is placed on the aspect of “we will exceed your expectations…”.

Think about products such as toothpaste, milk, bread, tuna etc. I don’t believe many of us, if any of us, are looking for our expectations to be exceeded each time the products are being used or consumed.

In terms of services marketing, it’s different, the context is more volatile due to…


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