It Makes Perfect Sense to Look into the Relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Pricing!

The reason is as follows, we may well receive 10 as an overall satisfaction rating from a customer, and what it means in practice is that the customer was very satisfied with us, regardless of the money spent.

You could be extremely satisfied for the services or products purchased and consumed, and end up spending only a little e.g. just having a glass of wine with someone special in an atmospheric restaurant. On the other hand, you could also be highly unsatisfied after having spent a small fortune in the same restaurant, by experiencing a series of problems concerning the quality of food, pace of service, your table reservation etc.

In fact, if you think about it within your respective business, the more money customers are willing to spend on your products and services, the more demanding they are likely to be. We all become price conscious at some point, and when we reach the point, we start thinking about the price-value relationshipthe price paid versus value received...


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