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Do you find it troublesome and time consuming to conduct customer surveys? I am referring to the process of designing, implementing, managing an online survey and finally analysing the results. For most businesses the answer is yes. What about Social Media advertising – Do you find it challenging to figure out which platforms to focus on, which ad-formats to use, and how to best engage with your audience?

Look no further.

Here below is a short promo of our SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING survey.

Social Media Advertising survey


Consider the 10 largest Social Media platforms or your personal favourites – Now, would you like to know which ones are the most suitable for promoting your business from a customer perspective?

You probably already have a presence in some of the Social Media sites, but there are so many to choose from, right.

You could also be thinking that the other platforms don’t work for you or you don’t have the time to manage any more Social Media accounts, but what if your different customer segments are using different platforms in different ways to engage with advertising?

Surely that is something you would want to know!

This survey is “ready to go” with a set of questions that will give you the needed answers. You will find out for example…

(1.) Which Social Media platforms are the most popular among your customers
(2.) In which Social Media platforms your customers pay attention to and like engaging with advertising
(3.) Which ad-formats are the most preferred by your customers or disliked the most?

In addition you will learn in which Social Media platforms your customers remember seeing your ads the most often, or how they would prefer to communicate with you.

Before investing time and money in Social Media advertising – Run our survey first with your existing and potential customers. Then decide what to advertise, where, for whom and how.

All you have to do is just send or share the survey, everything else has been taken care of – it doesn’t get any easier than that!

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