Customer Survey Confusion – Clarified

Confusion – in a sense, “Yes”.

There is quite a lot of jargon going around within the survey industry (maybe) perplexing some of the businesses planning to collect customer feedback.

We use terms such as customer experience, customer satisfaction, customer insight, customer journeys, customer paths etc.

Then there is the user experience (UX) that is slightly different from customer experience…or is it?

When we talk about customer loyalty we might refer to Net Promoter Score or Customer Turnover Rate, or we might use another metric for identifying customer churn.

The differences can be very subtle between the aforementioned methods & concepts, they remain debatable.

But is it purposeful to have a debate over minor differences, in most cases.

In my opinion, no, it’s not.

So, let’s take a step back and simplify a bit.

There are two subject areas that should be included in the customer survey, regardless the field of business – note: when customer surveys are discussed at a general level…


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