Customer Satisfaction Surveys by Email: Response Rate Considerations…

Some might argue that customer satisfaction surveys are unnecessary as a whole, based on the fact that most customers are likely to give feedback at the point of service.

And that is very true, in many situations the customers could be assumed to express at least their dissatisfaction, say if the soup was served cold at the restaurant, or the meal was not what you had ordered, everyone or most of us would ask for correction.

But there is the other side of the coin. For example according to 1st Financial Training services

“96% of the unhappy customers do not complain, 91% will just leave and not return.”

So what do we make of this? Well, there is no single truth to the matter. But more importantly, how do we then identify the unhappy customers and the problems they experienced if we accept that the majority of the customers are not willing to express their dissatisfaction at the point of service?

We are going to ask feedback afterwards, and for most of us the most convenient way to do this is by email. If you happen to have the email addresses of your customers, why not send an invitation to participate on the online questionnaire. The counter argument is that people tend to ignore this type of emails; most will consider them as spam. Fair enough, but let us think of this for a second. Say you have obtained 500 customer email addresses during the last 6 months and are planning to send the survey invitation to all of these customers, what can be expected in terms of the response rate…


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