Clicks and User Engagement: The interpretation difficulty

Here’s the thing with clicks – clicks are easily measurable, but how meaningful it is to measure them?

When we are searching for a specific piece of information, we usually start browsing with keywords. This process tends to leave us with multiple results that we go through by clicking, and sooner or later we may find the exact information we are looking for.

If it is later, then we have probably spent a varying amount of time on a varying number of websites with a varying number of clicks on each site visited. The obvious problem here – out of the 100 clicks only one click was truly meaningful, the final click that landed us on that specific piece of information we were after. Those other 99 clicks did leave a trace and in theory could be interpreted as a sign of interest, even though the clicks may have served nothing more than a road map to a destination.


From the point of view of statistics, every click is equal…unless the click can be identified with a specific action representing a sign of engagement such as

– liking

– sharing

– purchasing

– any other action of engaging with the content

Even the time spent and heat-maps can be misleading, because when we are browsing in search of that specific piece of information, we have to stop here and there to read, which means we spend x-amount of time on a number of websites, but that is not an indication we found what we were looking for.

This leads to an interpretation difficulty.

– Which of the clicks represent genuine interest?

– Which of the clicks represent people just browsing through in search of something else?


You could run a quick survey with the customers/users asking questions about your company website and social media presence, such as…

a. what type of content the customers/users are after?

b. is your content meeting the customers’/users’ information needs?

c. is your company website easy to navigate?

d. what is the customers/users preferred choice of communication with you?

The obtained information could show the direction to pursue in advertising and other content creation, and in general amplify the customer/user experience.

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